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Security has got to be the number one issue for everyone using the net these days.

A virtual world should be a safe place, right? Playing a game on you home PC you can be killed or maimed and get back perfect health by simply restarting. Or you can lose all your possessions† and get them back by simply starting over.

Well, thatís the way it used to be.

But the internet is where the virtual world meets the hard edge of reality Ėitís an interface to the real world out there, a world lurking with real bad guys, ready to strip you of everything youíve got, ready to plunder for profit or destroy just for the hell of it.

Anyone using the net these days needs to protect themselves from these threats. This is best done by purchasing extra internet security software (yes, it hurts, I know).

You will need a firewall to prevent the bad guys getting in and shipping information out. A firewall is a bit like a deadlock on your door. It stops the uninvited getting in and taking your stuff out.

Windows XP firewall stops uninvited guests but doesnít stop those you (or your kids or your mother in law or your pet dog) invited in from making off with your stuff.† Thatís why you need to buy a commercial product.

You will also need antivirus software. Viruses so called because they are easily caught and do a lot of damage, like deleting all of your files. Good antivirus software will detect current viruses and also protect against many the bad guys havenít even come up with yet.

Anti-spyware is the third aspect in the security Holy Trinity. Strictly speaking spyware collects personal information from your computer but the software generally catches other pest software such as adware (which opens up many pop up windows when you start your computer) and software which changes your computer settings without your consent.

Browse our security shop. Youíll find a good selection from the major players like Zone Alarm, Symantec, McAfee and Computer Associates. These each have a security suite which combines a firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware capabilities and these generally represent the best value.







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